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« Warialda once again a successful GP training ground  »

Rural and Remote Medical Services Ltd (RaRMS) is delighted with the recent news that the most recent GP Registrar to undertake training within the Warialda Medical Centre, Dr Vincent Nguy, has passed his final GP exams and will soon be recognised as a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP).

Dr Nguy’s success keeps up the perfect 100% record of GP Registrars who have undertaken a training placement under the watchful eyes of Drs Di Coote and Clem Gordon over the past 15 years or so.

Dr Nguy has been working in the Warialda Medical Centre under the supervision and support of Drs Di Coote and Clem Gordon since February this year, whilst he completed the training and preparation required to be recognised with the FRACGP qualification.  Having sat his final exam in May, Dr Nguy had an anxious wait until recently receiving the news that he had passed.

Dr Nguy said, “Warialda is well regarded as a Registrar training location because Di and Clem are such great supervisors. 

“I was also able to mix in some emergency medicine at the Warialda MPS and still have lots of time to study for my exams. The furnished house available for Registrars in Warialda made it much easier for me to choose to complete my training in Warialda and I’m delighted that I made the choice I did.”

RaRMS would like to recognise the efforts of Drs Di Coote, Clem Gordon and the Warialda Medical Centre team for continuing to support GP Registrar training in Warialda.  RaRMS CEO, Mr Shane Hatton said, “Di and Clem have been doing an absolutely tremendous job training GP Registrars over the past 15 years or so, and their passion, skill, effort and support for teaching the next generation of GPs is widely recognised amongst the profession. 

“If it wasn’t for the likes of Di and Clem, and their peers elsewhere who also take on the added responsibility of training Registrars and Students, rural general practice would have an even greater GP/VMO workforce shortage on its hands than what we do currently.”

He went on to say, “We’d also like to congratulate Vincent, for not only successfully completing his FRACGP exams, but for all of his efforts working with us in Warialda.  He has developed a great patient following since he arrived because he has shown that he is a very capable, professional and caring GP.”

Unfortunately, the number of GP Registrars available to train in small rural towns like Warialda is still less than the number of practices looking to host GP Registrars, and there won’t be a GP Registrar in Warialda after Dr Nguy leaves.  Dr Nguy has agreed to extend his stay in Warialda until early September, and after spending the past 12 years or so getting to this point, he will be taking a well-earned travel break with his fiancé, who also recently passed her GP Fellowship exams, prior to their wedding in 2018. And whilst Dr Nguy and his wife have plans to work in Sydney, RaRMS is hopeful that Dr Nguy and his fiancé may return to Warialda as Locums in future.

In the meantime, RaRMS is looking to recruit another GP into Warialda and Bingara in order to meet the health needs of the Gwydir Shire community.

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