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« Council staff to take part in Management Challenge »

This week, Gwydir Shire Council employees will head to Narrabri to participate in the Rural Management Challenge, held by Local Government Professionals Australia. 

The participating team members Tracy Newby, Justin Hellmuth, Jamie Wilson and Amy Beutel  will be joined by their fearless mentor, Carl Tooley.  The team has been chosen for their youthful personalities and go-getter attitudes with potential to move into leadership roles.

The rural management challenge is a professional development activity, encouraging leadership, team and management skills.  Teams from councils across North-West New South Wales will compete against each other in a range of tasks simulating real-world management scenarios.  The tasks required will challenge the participant’s ability to think on their feet and perform in high pressure situations.

The challenge is designed to character build the participants and progress their qualities in team building, communication, problem solving and decision making skills.  They can then take these developments back to council and apply them to their work.

The team is expecting to perform synchronously together and hopefully bring home the win for Gwydir Shire Council.  Participation by local staff in this challenge will not only benefit Gwydir Shire Council but also the wider community in the years to come.

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